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The LBee Health Namesake 


Our company is named in homage to the person made this all possible. Lawrence B. Erlich, M.D. DLFAPA was a father, Navy Veteran and a psychiatrist for 55 years.   He championed women’s mental health treatment and made sure to turn his daughter into a mouthy, irreverent, disobedient woman who had no patience for red tape or respect for the way things have always been done. Together, Dr. Erlich and Lauren Howard built a clinic that operated as one of the earliest psychiatric urgent cares in the country. Too many of his eventual patients were ending up the emergency room because they didn’t know where to go. He wanted to fix that, and together they built a model and a team that made that possible. They reduced time to care in the community to hours rather than days or weeks, and they reduced the cost of care considerably. 


LBee Health is the 2024 version of what they built with a focus on one of Doc's passions- safe employment and workspaces. It’s a clinic for all patients who need mental health care, but with a concentration on addressing workplace trauma for what it is— trauma. 


At the clinic, Dr. Erlich was known as Doc to his patients but LBE to his team. In his honor, we are LBee Health, because we wouldn’t be here without him. 

The LBee Health Commitments 

  • Accessible services for mental health treatment

  • Insurance based and low-cost out-of-pocket services whenever possible

  • Mental health services within 48 hours of outreach

  • Efficient and effective insurance eligibility for all covered services

  • Customized treatment plans from experienced clinicians 

  • Flexible group availability for all schedules that is customized to the needs and requests of our attendees

  • Wages that match the experience and value of our clinicians with innovative financial models that facilitate this model

  • Dedication to clinical decision making that supersedes all other considerations

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