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Group Support Programs

Community can go a long way in supporting you through a tough time. Mental health treatment is available, but it's not always necessary. Simultaneously, mental health treatment alone sometimes isn't enough. 

You might need either. You can have both. 

Our virtual group support programs are led by licensed professionals and available in all 50 stated. 

What are support groups?

Support Groups Are 

  • Therapist or licensed individual led

  • Available for broad populations or niche groups

  • Focused on specific topics 

  • Educational and interactive

  • Live, video sessions with as many as 15 people

  • Open to anyone, even if you're not utilizing mental health services

  • Flexible scheduling for busy people who may not be able to commit to regular meetings

What AREN'T support groups?

Support Groups Aren't 

  • Medical care or mental health care

  • Group therapy

  • Led by people who are acting under their licensure, even if they are licensed

  • For diagnosing or treating a physical or mental illness

  • Able to create a clinician/client relationship

  • For people experiencing acute mental or physical illness. 

Support Group Topics

Profession-specific burnout
Compassion fatigue
Pregnancy Loss
Toxic Work Environment
Staying in a job you can't leave
Chronic Illness
Imposter Syndrome
More To Come

Our Team.

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