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Available Roles

We are ramping up hiring at LBee Health, and we would love to have you join our team. 

Click "Job Description" to go to the application. 

Multi-State Licensed Psychiatrist- Contract- Fully Remote- Part Time

The Psychiatrist will provide psychiatric, diagnostic, and therapeutic service in a virtual telehealth setting. Open to providers with limited licensure in compact states who wish to license. 

Telehealth Mental Health NP- Multiple licenses or willingness to license- Fully remote- Part time

The Mental Health Nurse Practitioner will plan, direct, and evaluate patient & group participant mental health care in telehealth services; examine and treat chronic and acute episodic mental illnesses and other Mental Health injuries/illnesses; offer referrals to physicians, write prescriptions, and work with the medical director in the care and treatment of patients & group participants.  

The Mental Health therapist will conduct individual and group telehealth therapy to promote optimum mental health. The Mental Health therapist will help individuals deal with anxiety and depression; burnout, stress management; problems with self-esteem; issues associated with aging; mental and emotional health; and more.

Telehealth Psychoeducational/Coaching/Peer Support Group Leaders- Therapist preferred, but other professions considered- Fully remote- Part time

As a facilitator of a psychoeducational, coaching or support group, your primary responsibility is to create a supportive environment where everyone can share their experiences and learn from one another. Effective leadership involves leading discussions, offering structured sessions, and providing evidence-based information.

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